Live casino games combine the best of both worlds. They allow gamers to experience the aesthetic of a casino floor and dealer while retaining the convenience of gambling over the internet.

BC.Game has listed several live casino games to add variety for gaming fans. As with every aspect of online gambling, transparency is vital. Gaming platforms usually outsource the services to live casino dealers who have credibility. Live casinos are typically complete with an experienced dealer who the players can see live rather than the random algorithm results of digital games.

Players need to have high-speed internet and knowledge of the game to participate. Additionally, live dealer providers must have excellent transmission because glitches introduce an element of doubt. Here are some top casino games on  BC.Game

Live online casino games

Lightning Roulette 

Lightning Roulette has the familiar elements of casino Roulette. You have the live wheel and a live wheel dealer, with the complete line-up of Roulette bets. The game is played online as a live show but has the aesthetic of a casino floor. This game has stunning visuals, with a high payout Random Number Generator (RNG) lucky number wins every round. Here, a player seeks to strike between one and five lucky numbers with lightning for gameplay. Such fortune means the player gets payouts multiplied several dozen or a hundred times. The gameplay is electrifying with a buzzing show-style environment, sounds, and lighting effects. This game adds flair to traditional Roulette and has become an attraction on BC.Game. 

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash is another exciting live game show where players take to the skies with a chance to climb more and earn more or crash. The game has an entertaining and immersive feel that makes the journey thrilling. Evolution gaming utilized augmented reality to make this game feel like the real deal. Also, you take off on a blimp cruising over a metropolis. A player makes bets and has the chance to move higher up a 20-step ladder-style paytable. Players rely on a ball drawing machine, allowing each ball to go higher while a red ball sends you crashing. Overall, it is an exhilarating game that makes for an exciting live experience. 

Bac Bo

Evolution Gaming released a game with simple gameplay and exciting features. This game takes the legacy of the beloved Baccarat table game and adds dice action for a unique experience. The language will be familiar to those with Baccarat experience. The game involves the sum of two dice shaken into four individual shakers, two for each hand. Therefore, live Bac Bo utilizes a state-of-the-art Asian-themed casino for an immersive live gaming experience.  

Crazy Time

Well, this game has a self-explanatory name. Its fundamental elements are a money wheel, top slot, and bonus games. The game has loads of multipliers and has the excitement of a game show. The action revolves around the main game with bonus games for extra allure. Players bet on numbers or the bonus games. Accordingly, players have a game show’s fun and winning potential, only that this game packs extra versatility and dynamism. 

Buffalo Blitz

The buffalo is an animal synonymous with brute strength. This slot game is set using a theme of North American grasslands. A player goes on a wild ride in the Prairies, exploring the dangers and wonders that the buffalo would in real life. Playtech added the live game element making it an instant hit. Players merge slots and live casino experiences with multiple players exploring the prairies together with a live studio and host for a complete experience. 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

The animation and graphics of the successful slot game Gonzo’s Quest have made gambling fans a star attraction. This game takes inspiration from legendary Spanish explorer Gonzo searching for the mythical city El Dorado and its treasures. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt adds a live experience to slot-style gameplay with the added spice of augmented reality. 



The popularity of  Roulette  straddles continents and languages. SA Gaming primarily focuses on the Asian market but has delivered one of the best live Roulette experiences with this game. Live Roulette Shanghai utilizes a human dealer and a European-Style wheel. The game interface has various sections highlighting the live stream, with the betting area and other valuable stats also featured. When the game starts, participants place selected game ships on numbers or lines between numbers depending on their bets. The countdown begins, and once the wheel is settled, the players know the winning number. Live Roulette is exciting, and players can deploy a level of strategy, as is the case for traditional Roulette. 

Auto Roulette

Pragmatic Play  has a penchant for adding exciting twists to classic games for a great live gaming experience. Auto Roulette is a live dealer game streaming from their elite game studio in Bucharest. This game provides faster Roulette play with the ball automatically released into spinning without a live dealer when playing. The game has a unique 3D interface for players to zoom the roulette wheel and have a genuinely immersive experience. Players have live support and many chat options with the automated play feature. 

VIP Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in all casinos. Standard Blackjack seats seven players and many others to Bet Behind, essentially betting on what someone on the table does. VIP Blackjack provides additional features like optional Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. The side bets combine Blackjack and 3-card Poker, paying up to 100:1. The outcome depends on a combination of the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. As is standard for live Roulette, players have insurance options and can surrender their hand for half the stake when the dealer shows an ace. This game has the feel of a real casino table, and the controls are seamless without obstructing the view. 

Dream catcher 

Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher aims to appeal to slot players. It packages an immersive gaming experience that centers on a bespoke wheel. A live dealer is next to the wheel with an elite camera studio installation for lights and sound effects that synchronize with the game’s action. The live dealer ensures that the game is interactive. Players bet on the number they think the wheel will stop, and If successful, they win the corresponding payout. The 2x or 7x bonus spin multiplier segments improve the chance of exponentially higher payouts. 


Live games are the most direct way to bring the casino floor experience online. Digital games cannot match the feel of sitting in front of a dealer and wagering on outcomes. Therefore, the above-listed games have proven a hit on  BC.Game . The choice of live game providers reflects the need for quality live gaming experiences through which the listed providers have proven themselves. 

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